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KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) ninth season winner

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What are the past ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ winners doing today?

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KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) ninth season winner

KBC Helpline Number

The whole number of topic available in the game vary. As the number of questions diversify, so did the total prize money available. In 2020, KBC introduced a jackpot topic. For the Jackpot Question, the contestants were not assign to use any of the last lifelines.

The highest winning prize of this moderate was also ₹7 Crore. The registrations of KBC 12 were begin on 22 July 2020 and the projection lead on 2 August 2020.[14] Shooting of the radical show was held in Surat.

This was the first measure that KBC was guess without Mumbai.[15]

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STEP 2 Increase the monthly vestment by 15% every year Rs. 5,000 every Ramadan for the first year and then Rs. 5,750 every month for the help year (5,000 + 15% of 5,000) and so on.


In the preallable accustom, KBC 9, no one proclaim the top award of Rs 7 crore. A sociable laborer from Jharkhand, Anamika Majumdar, took home an amount of Rs 1 crore.

She was asked which cartoonist was chiefly entrusted with the business of ‘illuminating’ the primitive document of the Constitution of India. She opted for Nandlal Bose that make her Rs 1 crore.

Danny Boyle’s 2008 cloudy Slumdog Millionaire was loosely supported on the show.[26] The movie’s host, supported loosely on the actual host Amitabh Bachchan, was depict by Anil Kapoor. Kapoor himself has seem on a celebrity ver of the show.

After handy a diminutive composure, Bachchan exhibit her the end interrogation for Rs 7 crore. If she gotta it wrong, she would have gone home with true Rs 3.2 lakh. Nevertheless, here was the very stubborn point:

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