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Kbc Helpline Number india : Customer Care Services

KBC Kaun Banega Crorepati Helpline Number,  Kbc Helpline Number, Kaun banega Crorepati is an Indian game show hosted by Bollywood super star Amitabh Bachan. Basically it is a copy of British program who wants to be a millionaire? Kbc Helpline Numbers

kbc helpline number
kbc helpline number

Star plus TV
The first three season of kaun banega crorepati is aired on Star plus .the first three season are from 2000- 2007
Sony TV
It has been aired on Sony TV since 2010.

Produced By:
Kaun banega crorepati was produced by big synergy.

KBC Helpline Number India ( Kaun Banega Crorepati )

The helpline number of kaun banega crore pati is available on our website .you can call us or sms on the number available on the website to know any kind of information. We provide kaun banega crorepati helpline number to help our clients. We make sure that we solve your all problems and try to satisfy you .we provide you with best customer care service. the biggest show of Indian was kaun banega crorepati .this show attract the viewers from all around the world therefore the rating of this show was increasing day by day .it is a family show you can easily sit and watch with your family. It is a show for all age of people you can participate in the show easily. Your age must be 18 if you want to participate in this show .you can get guideline by calling on our helpline number. Everyone who is enjoying this show from home feels like they were sitting in the studio. Helpline number of this show is available on our website feel free to discuss your queries. Kbc Helpline Number 2018

kbc helpline

KBC Kanu banega crorepati Video

kbc call 1

Total Season Of Kaun Banega Crorepati:

  • Season 1 2000 -2001
  • Season 2 2005 -2006
  • Season 3 2007
  • Season 4 2010
  • Season 5 2011
  • Season 6 2012 -2013
  • Season 7 2013
  • Season 8 2014
  • Season 9 2017

Season 1: year 2000- 2001

kbc helpline numbers

Host of the show : Amitabh Bachan
It is the first appearance of amitabh bachan on the small screen .the show give the chance to win 1 crore Indian rupee, kbc helpline number 2017
Season 2:year 2005-2006

Host of the show:Amitabh bachan

After the break of 4 year the sho kaun banega crore pati is again on aired and this time the winning amount is doubled i.e.2 crore .In this season Amitabh bachan get ill and therefore star plus channel decided to axe it. The name of show changed to kaun banega crorepati diwiyati or KBC 2
Season 3 :year 2007

Host of the show :Sharukh khan
This season is aired on 22 January 2007. The winning amount of the show remain same that is 2 crore Indian rupee. Although this show is hosted by king of bollywood sharukh khan but the rating of show dropped. Kbc Helpline Number 2018 , 19

Season 4 : year 2010

Host of the show :Amitabh bachan
Amitabh bachan returned to host this show on his 68th birthday the show is aired. In this season there is a tag line which is “koi bhi sawaal chota nahi hota” (English: no question is small) The rating of this season again reach at its peak due to the returning of amitabh bachan
The total prize money for this season was ₹ 1 crore.
A jackpot question for ₹ 5 crore.
In this season the number of question reduced .the total number of question become 13 instead of 15.the fourth season introduced a lifeline i.e. Double dip and ask the expert

Season 5:year 2011
Host of the show :Amitabh Bachan
The fifth season of kaun banega crorepati premiered on 15 August 2011 on the Independence Day of India. This season is again hosted by Amitabh Bachan .the tagline of this season is “Koi Bhi Insaan Chota Nahi Hota” (English: No human is small). The most important thing about season 5 is that this season introduced a play at home segment called “Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot”.in this segment viewer of the show who are watching show from home can send answer to the question via sms and win 1 lakh rupee. On each right answer the amount becoming double.
Season 6 :year 2012 -2013
Host of the show ; Amitabh bachan
This is the most viewed show of India . The season 6 was premiered on 7 September 2012. The tagline was changed for this season .the tagline of season 6 was “Sirf Gyaan Hi Aapko Aapka Haq Dilata Hai” (English: It is only knowledge that gives you your right).
Season 7 : year 2013
Host of the show : Amitabh Bachan
This season was agained hosted by amitabh bachan the tagline of this season was “Seekhna Bandh Toh Jeetna Bandh” (English: If Learning stops, winning stops or simply: Learn to Win).in this season the wining prize was increased to 7 crore and the number of question increased from 13 to 15.
Season 8 :year 2014
Host of the show; AmitabhBachan
This season in not shooted in Mumbai .the season 8 was shooted in surat. In this season the winning price was 7crore.evert season has different tagline .the tagline of season 8 was unique the tagline was yahan sirf paisa nahi ,dil bhi jeete jatay hian in English not only money here, heart are also won .in season 8 number of question was 14
Season 9: year 2017
Host of the show :Amitabh bachan
This season 9 was premiered on 28 August 2017 airing on Sony TV. In this season the number of question was 16.This is thw most watched show in the history of small industry. In Indian TV industry the rating of this show was highest

There are different types of life lines which are introduced in the show kaun banega crorepati.
Number of life line in the kaun banega crore pati:
There are four different types of life line in kaun banega crorepati that are mentioned in a table.

Fifty fifty life line
Friend life line
Audience poll life line
Flip life line

We discuss in detail each and every lifeline of kaun banega coroepati in detail

First life line : fifty fifty
The first lifeline is fifty fifty. In this life line 2 wrong option that is given can be remove and you have to choice from the remaining two options.

Second life line : friend lifeline
You can also use phone a friend lifeline. In this your friend answers the question most of the time they correctly answer you might also run out of the 30 second time limit for phone a friend.

Third lifeline :poll life line
It is known as audience poll life line. It will how you a result in form of a bar. The poll is stimulated amongst the audience of KBC who will attend the Kaun banega crorepati show.

Fourth life line: flip life line
Flip is the forth flip life line of KBC. You can use this life line once in a show in this life line without increasing money current question will be skipped and then you will get a new questions

kbc helpline number india
kbc helpline number india

The rating of this show dropped due to the change of host .therefore we can say this show was popular only because of amitabh bachan .people love to watch their favorite superstar o the television. Everyone desire to meet amitabh bachan live. We are there to fulfill your dream .call on helpline number of kaun banega crore pati and get the information for participating in kaun banerga crorepati. if your participate there is a chance to win huge amount of cash. Your standard of living improves. It is only possible if you directly contact on helpline number of kaun banega crore pati. When you contact on the helpline number of kaun banega crorepati number you came to know that how friendly the KBC team .the show is was popular only because of viewer we are noting without you. So we must keep all these things in mind and we try to satisfy you when you call on our helpline numbers. So you must prepare yourself before participating in kaun banega crorepati. You must have confident on yourself to make your dreams come true. It is quite easy to participate in this show when you call on helpline number of kaun banega crorepati you get to know each and everything about the show. kbc head office number mumbai

Feature of kaun banega crore pati show about any Kbc Helpline

The rating of this show was high this is only because this show has some different feature which help them in getting popular among the people all around the world .here we discuss some important fetures that play an important tole in making this show superhit. Kbc Helpline Number show

Game covers various topics of GK (General knowledge) like

  • Indian History Quiz
  • Politics Quiz
  • Cricket Quiz
  • Bollywood quiz
  • Film quiz, History quiz
  • International quiz 5 lifelines
  • 50-50,
  • Phone a friend,
  • Flip Question,
  • Audience Poll
  • Power Palo
  • Around 10000+ questions.
  • Questions from almost all the topics like
  • Social Science,
  • Science,
  • Mahabharata,
  • Ramayan,
  • Bible,
  • spiritual questions
  • Difficult questions too.
  • Elegant User Interface
  • Offline crorepati game

With gradual difficulty 15 questions Fantastic background music

Calling on helpline number of kaun banega croreepati you are free to call don’t hesitate to get any kind of information related to KBC show. If you call on kaun banega crorepati helpline number we try we try our best to provide you with all kind of information like how you can participate in the show and win exclusive prizes and cash amount. You can get any important information related to this game show. One of the most important things you must know after calling on KBC helpline number i.e. the enrollment method of tickets. kbc team contact number
Now we can say that just because of availability of helpline number of KBC you are not away n getting any type of information and process. You just have to call on the helpline number of KBC number and the transfer your entire headache to the customer service officer f kaun banega crroepati all your problems are handled by the helpline team of KBC. kbc phone lines

You just have to provide information like

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • CNIC
  • Your email id etc.
  • If you wish to participate and want to meet your favorite actor Amitabh bachan live then just go
  • and dial helpline number of KBC.
  • On the working hour KBC helpline numbers are open you can call to get information like
  • How to participate?
  • Whom to contact?
  • How to get enrolled?
  • What to follow?
  • How to seek information about winners?
  • How to confirm it?

kbc helpline number for jio

Be aware of fake caller because now a day people are receiving number of fake call. The fake caller says that they are from Kaun banega crorepati game show and you win a lottery. If you receive any such fake calls please inform on our helpline number so that we can make it clear .in case of any lose Kaun banega crorepati team is not responsible. Please Do not provide fake caller with any kind of information like lottery number, your CNIC number otherwise team of kbc is not responsible .the only purpose of fake caller are to destroy the image of kanun banega crorepati game show. The helpline numbers are open to help you can also text on helpline number. You must participate in this game show because no one knows that he or she can win 1 crore rupee. Kbc helpline number 2016,
Winner List Of KBC

KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) first season winner
In season 1 the student of Indian civil service Harshvardhan Nawathe was the first person who wins the 1crore.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) second season winner
The winner of second season of KBC is Brijesh Dwivedi.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) third season winner
The third season was failed to announce any winner.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) fourth season winner
Rahat Taslim was the winner of season four who is a medical entrance examinee.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) fifth season winner
In season 5 there are 2 winner an ordinary computer operator Sushil Kumar win jackpot of 5crore and the other one is Anil Kumar Sina win 1 crore in the same season.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) sixth season winner
Manoj Kumar Raina and Sunmeet Kaur Sawhney are two luck people who win the KBC.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) seventh season winner
Firoz Fatima and Taj Muhammad Rangrez each win 1 crore Indian rupees in season 7.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) eight season winner
In season 8 two brothers Sachin and Sarthak Narula win the prize money of 7crore and created the history.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) ninth season winner

The ninth season of KBC winner is Anamika Majumdar who is homemaker and NGO worker .she run her own NGO named faith in India.

There are many ways to participate in this show one of them is through lottery In lucky draw the team of KBC randomly select a person
If you are lucky then KBC team call you and ask at least 3 question
Within 5-6 seconds you have to answer your all question.
You only get the call for second round if you answer the entire question correctly.
If you answer all the question then you get call for next round and get a call for Mumbai
After you clear all the test and interview then you get a chance for one episode of KBC.
In KBC you face Amitabh Bachchan and here if you answer the entire question correctly you become the luckiest person to become crorepati. kbc number mumbai

Any information about Call Now to KBC Helpline Numbers

Call on helpline number of kaun banega crore pati and you will feel relax. After getting all kind of information by calling on helpline number of kaun banega crore pati get all the information related to participating in the show and get chance to become crorepati just by giving few answers. You must be preparing before enrolled for this show. You must have all kind of information. To win this show you must be expert of general knowledge. Without knowledge you are not able to win this show. Your confidence level becomes high just because of this show. Kbc Helpline Number at website kbcgameshow,biz So feel free to call on the helpline number and win a chance to meet your favorite and energetic living legend amitabh bachan.the rating is high because if help our viewer in all aspects please do not hesitate to call on our helpline number. Helpline number of kaun banega crorepati i only for its viewer because this game show is only because of viewers .if they can show interest in this show than how it is possible for the team of kaun baneg crorepati to aired 9 hit season of kbc .the rating of this show is increasing .this is the most viewed show in the history of TV industry of India. You make this show hit then how it is possible that we ignore viewer of kbc. So we only introduce helpline number of kbc to provide you with all kind of information. We help you in each and every aspect. phone no of kbc for registration, kbc head office number, kbc contact number

Note : Any Information To helpline Number | 00191-88444111

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