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Kbc Helpline Number india : Kbc Helpline Number Toll Free

kbc helpline number toll free

kbc helpline number Bharat KBC Kaun Banega Crorepati KBC Helpline number, Kbc Helpline number, Kaun banega Crorepati is an kbc helpline number Indian program hosted by screenland super star Amitabh Bachan. primarily it’s a replica of British program WHO desires to be a millionaire? Kbc Helpline Numbers kbc helpline number toll free

kbc helpline number
kbc helpline number

Star plus TV
The first three season of kaun banega crorepati is aired on Star plus .the first three season are from 2000- 2007
Sony TV
It has been aired on Sony TV since 2010.

Produced By:
Kaun banega crorepati was produced by big synergy.

KBC Helpline Number India

The kbc helpline number of kaun banega pati is obtainable on our web site kbc helpline number.you can decision United States of America or sms on the quantity offered on the web site to understand any reasonably data.we offer kaun banega crorepati kbc helpline number to assist our shoppers.we tend to make certain that we tend to solve your all issues and take a look at to satisfy you.we provide you with best client care service kbc helpline number. the largest show of Indian was kbc helpline number for jio kaun banega crorepati.this show attract the viewers from all round the world thus the rating of this show was increasing day by day kbc helpline number.it is a family show you’ll be able to simply sit and watch along with your family. it’s a show for all age of individuals you’ll be able to participate within the show simply. Your age should be eighteen if you wish to participate during this show kbc helpline number.you can get guideline by occupation on our helpline range. everybody UN agency is enjoying this show from home appears like they were sitting within the studio. Helpline range of this show is obtainable on our web site be happy to debate your queries. Kbc Helpline Number 2018

kbc helpline

KBC Kanu banega crorepati Video

kbc call 1

Total Season Of Kaun Banega Crorepati:

  • Season 1 2000 -2001
  • Season 2 2005 -2006
  • Season 3 2007
  • Season 4 2010
  • Season 5 2011
  • Season 6 2012 -2013
  • Season 7 2013
  • Season 8 2014
  • Season 9 2017

Season 1: year 2000- 2001

kbc helpline numbers

kbc head office toll free number

Host of the show : Amitabh Bachan
kbc helpline number 2018 kbc head office toll free number It is the primary look of amitabh bachan on the little screen .the show offer the prospect to win one large integer rupee, kbc helpline number 2017
Season 2:year 2005-2006

Host of the show:Amitabh bachan How You Can (Do) KBC HELPLINE NUMBER Almost Instantly

After the break of four year the sho kaun banega large integer pati is once more on ventilated and this point the winning quantity is doubled i.e.2 crore .In this season Amitabh bachan get sick and thus star and channel determined to axe it. The name of show modified to kaun banega crorepati diwiyati or KBC two
Season three :year 2007 kbc helpline number

Host of the show :Sharukh khan
This season is airy on twenty two January 2007. The winning quantity of the show stay same that’s a pair of large integer rupee. though this show is hosted by king of screenland sharukh khan however the rating of show born. Kbc Helpline variety 2018 , 19 kbc helpline number

Season 4 : year 2010

Host of the show :Amitabh bachan

Amitabh bachan came back to host this show on his 68th birthday the show is ventilated. during this season there’s a punch line that is “koi bhi sawaal chota nahi hota” (English: absolute confidence is small) The rating of this season once more reach at its peak thanks to the returning of amitabh bachan kbc helpline number
The total prize for this season was ₹ one large integer.
A jackpot question for ₹ five large integer.
In this season the amount of question reduced .the total variety of question become thirteen rather than fifteen.the fourth season introduced a lifeline i.e. Double dip and raise the skilled

kbc helpline no toll free

Season 5:year 2011
Host of the show :Amitabh Bachan
The fifth season of kaun banega crorepati premiered on fifteen August 2011 on the July 4 of India. This season is once more hosted by Amitabh Bachan .the tagline of this season is “Koi Bhi Insaan Chota Nahi Hota” (English: No human is small). the foremost vital issue regarding season five is kbc helpline number that this season introduced a play reception phase known as “Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot”.in this phase viewer of the show WHO ar look show from home will send answer to the question via sms and win one large integer rupee. On every right answer the number turning into double.
Season half dozen :year 2012 -2013
Host of the show ; Amitabh bachan
This is the foremost viewed show of India kbc helpline number.The season half dozen was premiered on seven September 2012. The tagline was modified for this season .the tagline of season half dozen was “Sirf Gyaan Hi Aapko Aapka Haq Dilata Hai” (English: it’s solely information that provides you your right).
Season seven : year 2013
Host of the show : Amitabh Bachan
This season was agained hosted by amitabh bachan the tagline of this season was “Seekhna Bandh Toh Jeetna Bandh” (English: kbc helpline number If Learning stops, winning stops or simply: Learn to Win).in this season the wining prize was enhanced to seven large integer and therefore the variety of question enhanced from thirteen to fifteen.
Season eight :year 2014
Host of the show; AmitabhBachan
This season in not shooted in Mumbai .the season eight was shooted in surat. during this season the winning value was 7crore.evert season has completely different tagline kbc helpline number .the tagline of season eight was distinctive the tagline was yahan sirf fractional monetary unit nahi ,dil bhi jeete jatay hian in English not solely cash here, heart also are won .in season eight variety of question was fourteen
Season 9: year 2017
Host of the show :Amitabh bachan
This season nine was premiered on twenty eight August 2017 airing on Sony TV. during this season the amount of question was sixteen kbc helpline number.This is thw most watched show within the history of tiny trade. In Indian TV trade the rating of this show was highest

There ar differing types of life lines that ar introduced within the show kaun banega crorepati.
Number of life line within the kaun banega large integer pati:
There ar four differing types of life line in kaun banega crorepati that ar mentioned in an exceedingly table.

Fifty fifty life line
Friend life line
Audience poll life line
Flip life line

kbc complaint number

We discuss thoroughly every and each lifeline of kaun banega coroepati thoroughly

First life line : fifty fifty
The first lifeline is fifty fifty. during this life line a pair of wrong possibility that’s given is take away and you’ve got to selection from the remaining 2 choices.

Second life line : friend lifeline kbc helpline number
You can additionally use phone an acquaintance lifeline. during this your friend answers the question most of the time they properly answer you may additionally run out of the thirty second cut-off date for phone an acquaintance.

Third lifeline :poll life line
It is referred to as audience poll life line. it’ll however you a lead to sort of a bar. The poll is stirred amongst the audience of KBC WHO can attend the Kaun banega crorepati show.

Fourth life line: flip life line
Flip is that the forth flip life line of KBC. you’ll be able to use this life line once in an exceedingly show during this life line while not increasing cash current question are skipped so you’ll get a replacement queries kbc helpline number

kbc helpline number india
kbc helpline number india

kbc team contact number

The kbc helpline number rating of this show born because kbc team contact number of the modification of host .therefore we are able to say this show was in style solely as a result of amitabh bachan .people like to watch their favorite genius o the tv. everybody need to fulfill amitabh bachan live. we have a tendency to area unit there to meet your dream .call on helpline variety of kaun banega large integer pati and acquire the knowledge for taking part in kaun banerga crorepati. if your participate there’s an opportunity to win vast quantity of money kbc helpline number.Your normal of living improves. it’s solely doable if you directly contact on helpline variety of kaun banega large integer pati. after you contact on the helpline variety of kaun banega crorepati variety you came to understand that however friendly the KBC team .the show is was in style solely as a result of viewer we have a tendency to area unit noting while not you. thus we have a tendency to should keep of these things in mind and that we attempt to satisfy you after you invoke our helpline numbers. thus you want to prepare yourself before taking part in kaun banega crorepati.kbc helpline number you want to have assured on yourself to form your dreams come back true. it’s quite straightforward to participate during this show after you invoke helpline variety of kaun banega crorepati you get to understand every and everything concerning the show. kbc head office number mumbai

Feature of kaun banega crore pati show about any Kbc Helpline

The kbc helpline number rating of this show was high this can be solely as a result of this show has some totally different feature that facilitate them in obtaining common among the individuals all round the world .here we tend to discuss some vital fetures that play a vital metalware in creating this show superhit. Kbc Helpline variety show

Game covers various topics of GK (General knowledge) like

  • Indian History Quiz
  • Politics Quiz
  • Cricket Quiz
  • Bollywood quiz
  • Film quiz, History quiz
  • International quiz 5 lifelines
  • 50-50,
  • Phone a friend,
  • Flip Question,
  • Audience Poll
  • Power Palo
  • Around 10000+ questions.
  • Questions from almost all the topics like
  • Social Science,
  • Science,
  • Mahabharata,
  • Ramayan,
  • Bible,
  • spiritual questions
  • Difficult questions too.
  • Elegant User Interface
  • Offline crorepati game

With gradual difficulty 15 questions Fantastic background music

kbc helpline number 2018

kbc helpline number Calling on helpline variety of kaun banega croreepati you’re liberated to decision don’t hesitate to urge any quite data associated with KBC show.If you appeal kaun banega crorepati helpline variety we have a tendency to attempt we have a tendency to attempt our greatest to supply you with all quite data like however you’ll participate within the show and win exclusive prizes and money quantity kbc helpline number.you’ll get any necessary data associated with this program. one in all the foremost necessary belongings you should recognize once business on KBC helpline variety i.e. the enrollment methodology of tickets. kbc team contact variety
Now we will say that simply because of accessibility of helpline variety of KBC you’re not away n obtaining any form of data and method kbc helpline number.you simply need to appeal the helpline variety of KBC variety and therefore the transfer your entire headache to the client service officer f kaun banega crroepati all of your issues area unit handled by the helpline team of KBC. kbc phone lines

You just have to provide information like

Your name
Contact info
Your email id etc.
If you would like to participate and need to fulfill your favorite actor Amitabh bachan live then simply go
and dial helpline variety of KBC.
On the operating hour KBC helpline numbers square measure open you’ll decision to urge info like
How to participate?
Whom to contact?
How to get enrolled?
What to follow?
How to request info regarding winners?
How to ensure it?

kbc helpline number for jio

kbc helpline number Be aware of faux decisioner as a result of currently on a daily basis folks square measure receiving variety of faux call. The pretend caller says that they’re from Kaun banega crorepati broadcast and you win a lottery. If you receive any such pretend calls please inform on our helpline variety so we are able to build it clear kbc helpline no toll free kbc helpline number.in case of any lose Kaun banega crorepati team isn’t accountable. Please don’t give pretend caller with any reasonably data like lottery variety, your CNIC variety otherwise team of kbc isn’t accountable .the only purpose of faux caller square measure to destroy the image of kanun banega crorepati broadcast. The helpline varietys square measure receptive assist you may text on helpline number. you want to participate during this broadcast as a result of nobody is aware of that he or she will be able to win one large integer rupee. Kbc helpline variety 2016,
Winner List Of KBC

KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) initial season winner
In season one the scholar of Indian officialdom Harshvardhan Nawathe was the primary one that wins the 1crore.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) second season winner
The winner of second season of KBC is Brijesh Dwivedi.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) third season winner
The third season was did not announce any winnerF.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) fourth season winner
Rahat Taslim was the winner of season four WHO could be a medical entrance answerer.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) fifth season winner
In season five there area unit two winner a standard pc operator Sushil Kumar win jackpot of 5crore and therefore the different one is Anil Kumar Sina win one large integer within the same season.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) sixth season winner
Manoj Kumar Raina and Sunmeet Kaur Sawhney area unit 2 luck those that win the KBC.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) seventh season winner
Firoz Islamist and Taj Muhammad Rangrez every win one large integer Indian rupees in season seven.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) eight season winner
In season eight 2 brothers Sachin and Sarthak Narula win the award of 7crore and created the history.
KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) ninth season winner

The ninth season of KBC winner is Anamika Majumdar United Nations agency is lady of the house and nongovernmental organization employee .she run her own nongovernmental organization named religion in India.

There area unit many ways to participate during this show one among them is thru lottery In lucky draw the team of KBC indiscriminately choose an individual
If you’re lucky then KBC team decision you and raise a minimum of three question
Within 5-6 seconds you have got to answer your all question.
You only get the decision for second spherical if you answer the complete question properly.
If you answer all the question then you get demand next spherical and obtain a demand urban center
After you clear all the take a look at and interview then you get an opportunity for one episode of KBC.
In KBC you face Amitabh Bachchan and here if you answer the complete question properly you become the luckiest person to become crorepati. kbc range urban center

Any information about Call Now to KBC Helpline Numbers

KBC Helpline Number Call on helpline variety of kaun banega large integer pati and you may feel relax. once obtaining all reasonably info by vocation on helpline variety of kaun banega large integer pati get all the knowledge associated with taking part within the show and acquire probability to become crorepati simply by giving few answers. you need to be making ready before listed for this show KBC Helpline Number.you need to have all reasonably info. To win this show you need to be knowledgeable of knowledge. while not data you’re ineffectual to win this show.Your confidence level becomes high simply because of this show. Kbc Helpline variety at web site kbcgameshow,biz therefore be at liberty to appeal the helpline variety and win an opportunity to fulfill your favorite and energetic living legend amitabh bachan.the rating is high as a result of if facilitate our viewer altogether aspects please don’t hesitate to appeal our helpline variety KBC Helpline Number.

KBC Helpline Number India


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