KBC Lottery Fake Whatsapp Number | KBC Lottery Whatsapp Number

KBC Lottery Fake Whatsapp Number

KBC Lottery Fake Whatsapp Number

This KBC lottery scam has been going on for some time now. Some of you may even be a member of the so called “Lotto Mafia” which is a group of players and affiliates who are using this as a way of cheating other lottery players. You may also be thinking, how does KBC use a fake cellphone number and the number is linked to the lottery right? Let’s take a look at how this scam works and how you can avoid being caught in it.

The KBC head office has been known for years to have several numbers that they will try to hide from the public. They are listed as personal cell numbers and telephone numbers. These numbers are picked up by anyone who is doing a reverse lookup on an KBC number and these people end up having the unfortunate luck of getting the wrong person’s name, address and cellular provider. KBC can get personal information if you do a free lookup online and then use a directory to try and get the KBC lottery number check result.

Rana Pratap Singh KBC WhatsApp number

No.KBC Winner NameLottery AmountLottery Winner Mobile Number
2Mr.Aamir King600,00,000797******689
3Mr.Aanjjan Ishita500,00,000930******443
4Mr.Aasif Sheikh400,00,000989******128
5Mr.Abhishek Bachchan300,00,000853******804
6Mr.Abhinav Shukla35,00,000915******217
7Ms.Achyut Potdar25,00,000745******980

KBC WhatsApp number Lucky Draw 2021

Many players are unaware of the fact that using a KBC phone or cellular number will not help you win the lottery. I was never a big fan of the lottery until a friend of mine won one and it made me very interested. I decided to do a little research on the number and I discovered that it had a KBC head office in Canada. I then did some additional research and found out that the KBC lottery is not the only lottery they operate in Canada. They are one of the leading lottery games in the world.

The scam that happened to me all started because I went ahead to do a free lookup on the number for a KBC game site and the search produced no results. I was upset because I felt that I had won the lottery the simple way and there had to be a better way. So I began my research and I found out that they operated in Canada as well as the US. I also found out that there are different branches of the KBC lottery such as the UK lottery and the kbc lucky draw lottery games.

KBC lottery number check 8991

  1. Mr. Akhilendra Mishra Lottery Winner of 25,00,000 City Gurugram winning date 13 January 2022.
  2. Mr. Amol Palekar Lottery Winner of 25,00,000 City Jaipur winning date 13 February 2022.
  3. Mr. Chandrachur Singh Lottery Winner of 25,00,000 City New Dehli winning date 13 March 2022.
  4. Mr. Darshan Jariwala Lottery Winner of 25,00,000 City Kanpur winning date 13 April 2022.
  5. Mr. Govind Namdev Lottery Winner of 25,00,000 City Lucknow winning date 13 May 2022.
  6. Ms. Harman Baweja Lottery Winner of 25,00,000 City Indore winning date 14 June 2022.
  7. Mr. Ahlawat Lottery Winner of 35,00,000 City Nasik winning date 14 July 2022.
  8. Ms. Kabir Bedi Hydari Lottery Winner of 35,00,000 City Chandigarh winning date 14 August 2022.
  9. Mr. Manjot Singh Lottery Winner of 35,00,000 City Shimla winning date 14 September 2022.
  10. Mr. Shivji Prasad Lottery Winner of 35,00,000 City Salem winning date 14 October 2022.
  11. Ms. Prithviraj Sukumaran Lottery Winner of 50,00,000 City Ahmedabad winning date 15 November 2022.
  12. Mr. Mukul Borse Lottery Winner of 50,00,000 City Mumbai winning date 15 December 2022.
  13. Mr. Rakesh Bapat Lottery Winner of 50,00,000 City Kolkata winning date 15 February 2022.
  14. Ms. Ananya Panday Lottery Winner of 1,00,00,000 City Chennai winning date 16 January 2022.
  15. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Lottery Winner of 1,00,00,000 City Mumbai winning date 16 February 2022.

KBC lottery number check online 2022

As I researched the kbc game I began to wonder why there were so many people trying to get information about the lottery using this number. I wanted to find out if there was a problem with the kbc lottery number and how they got it into the hands of the hackers that were trying to steal information. I started asking around to various lottery players and found out that there was indeed a KBC helpline that answers calls from potential players and fraud victims. The KBC helpline operators are trained in identifying and blocking scam artists. They are also able to provide information on how to pick lottery numbers.

You can also find a KBC helpline number by looking in your phone book under “llb” or ” lottery”. In the ” Lloyd Blank” directory under “lines” you can find a KBC contact number. When you type this in you will be provided with a land line number if you have a landline, cell phone or an unlisted number. If you have a cell phone look in the directory under “cell phone lines” and you may get results. Remember that a KBC contact number is completely unique to each customer and you must ask yourself why someone would share their personal information with you when you can obtain it for free.

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I went straight to the source and asked the KBC helpline operator the same question that I asked everyone else, why would anyone want to give me their personal information? He replied with, I got my number from the lottery, so who would I care, it’s not me they way you ask me that you want to know. KBC head line people are professional in their business, they know who they are doing business with. You can’t go around asking every person you meet for their personal number because it’s not realistic or it’s unfair to the people you want to talk to.

If you are a lottery winner, you have the right to claim your winnings. Don’t let anybody bully or take advantage of you. Report anyone who attempts to contact you by telephone threatening or harassing you. If you don’t move forward it could be the start of many problems to come.