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KBC Lottery Winner – Latest update 2018 25 Lakh Cash

Now a day there is number of game show on aired on the TV but among all kbc lottery winner is able to get the top position. It is only because of its host Amitabh Bachan it is because of its charismatic personality. Kbc lottery winner has its own position among the all in the India. There is a competition between every show that is aired on the television .every channel and every game show is the race of getting highest TRP’S. But kbc lottery crushes all the record. This show is only successful just because of none other than shahansha of bollywood Amitabh Bachan. he won the heart of millions of people around the globe. kbc lottery 2018

kbc lottery winner

KBC Lottery Winner & Lucky Draw 2018

Background of Kaun banga crorpati game show

Kaun Banega Crorepati in English we can say “Who Will Become a Millionaire” in short we can say known as KBC is an Indian TV game show. It is a copy of British program Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? First of all this show was aired on Star plus from 2000 – 2007 and was appointed by the programming group of Sameer Nair. Since 2010, it has been airing on Sony TV and delivered by Big Synergy. In this show Amitabh bachan announces many prizes and winner of this game show. In this show the winner are able to get million of rupees to fulfill their dreams.

kbc lottery

To get a ticket for this game show is quite simple. The participant of the show only give their name CNIC and mobile number and they are able to get a chance to participate in the show and they can meet their favorite star live. The popularity of this show was increasing day by day therefore there are many fake caller who call you that you won a lottery be aware of such fake caller. If you receive any fake call do not respond to such caller .simply inform us on KBC head office numbers. kbc lottery winner 2018 35 lakh

There are different information center that are built for the lottery winner of kbc to get all the information related to kbc lottery ,lottery number winner list of lottery winner and many more. There are list of people who are able to win huge amount. kbc lottery winners whatsapp call 2018

kbc call 1

List of latest winner of KBC lottery winners:

In 2017

  • Sonu Yadiv wins a kbc lottery winner amount of Rs/-95, 00,000.
  • Another lucky draw winner Mr. Jaswinder Singh who won a Rs/-25,00,000.
  • Other kbc lottery winners are Ms. Sunesh Suman Devi, Ms. Choti Bai, and Ms. Madhu Tomar.

In 2001 the first season’s ended.The show was renamed as KBC 2 or Kaun Banega Crorepati Dwitiya in 2005.The amount was doubled. In 2007 the third season was aired and the producer of the show recruited king of Bollywood Shahrukh to host. Although the winning prize remain 2crore but the rating of show dropped due to the change of host. kbc lottery winner number, kbc lottery winners 2018

This Game Show kbc lottery number 8991

In 2010 the fourth season was aired on Sony TV instead of Star Plus again the host of show it Amitabh Bachchan .For third season the logo of the show changed .1 crore was the prize money and 5 crore is for jackpot question. The rating of the show increases because of the host of the show.The fifth season is also hosted by Amitabh bachan .It became the most popular show of India .this season introduced a new segment named as Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot. kbc lottery winner 2018, The viewer can send answer through SMS and win 1 lakh rupee this amount become double and triple if viewers correctly answer the question. The sixth season is aired in 2012.The seventh season was aired in 2013 and hosted by Amitabh bachchan The number  of questioned increased  from13 to 15 and the prize money became 7crore .The eight season is shooted in Surat first time the show is shooted outside Mumbai ninth season was aired in 2017. kbc lucky draw 2018

  • In season 1 the student of Indian civil service Harshvardhan Nawathe was the first person who wins the 1crore.
  • The winner of second season of KBC is Brijesh Dwivedi.
  • The third season was failed to announce any winner.
  • Rahat Taslim was the winner of season four who is a medical entrance examinee.
  • In season 5 there are 2 winner an ordinary computer operator Sushil Kumar win jackpot of 5crore and the other one is Anil Kumar Sina win 1 crore in the same season.
  • Manoj Kumar Raina and Sunmeet Kaur Sawhney are two luck people who win the KBC .
  • Firoz Fatima and Taj Muhammad Rangrez each win 1 crore Indian rupees in season 7.
  • In season 8 two brothers Sachin and Sarthak Narula win the prize money of 7crore and created the history.
  • The ninth season of KBC winner is Anamika Majumdar who is homemaker and NGO worker .she run her own NGO named faith in India.

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In short we can say that Kaun banega crorepati show is best for poor family. After winning prize poor family member are able to fulfill there dreams. It can be beneficial for any class of people. Information center for kbc lottery winner is situated in Delhi. Sponsors of this show are able to sell their products by marketing their product in this show. This show is informative for all students .the rating of this show is increasing day by day. Different families or couples or group of friends are allowed in this show. On the other side of screen there are many friends and realities who love to see their love one on the screen with amitabh bachan. . It is only because of the viewers that this show becomes such a popular show. This show is among the top hit shows. Anyone who is above 18years can participate in kaun banega crorepati. By participating you are able to get chance to win 1 crore rupee. You must have confident on yourself to make your dreams come true. It is a plate frame where you can come and the world get to know how intelligent you are. jio lottery winning numbers 2018

The most modern method of entertainment in all around the world is television. People love to spend their free time in watching different show .For all those who spend their spare time in watching TV for them Kaun banega crorepati game show is best option.this is not only game show it also increase your knowledge. Kaun banega crorepati  game show is the India’s biggest game show hosted by India’s premier entertainers, host, actor None other than shehan shah of bollywood Amitabh Bachan .kaun banega crorepati  game show consists of various segments in which  participant get a chance to win cash.The dynamic Amitabh banchan the highly valuable potential winnings have made the Kaun banega crorepati game show the highest rated TV shows in the history of television. kbc lottery registration 2018

Procedure for Participation in the Kaun Banega Crorepati Show:

  • Please visit the official website of kaun banega crorepati game show to check the procedure of participation in this super hit game show.
  • You don’t need to purchase any lottery number just visit our website to check your lottery number you can enter your mobile number as well as lottery number.
  • In kaun banega crorepati show there is a lucky draw in which the team of KBC randomly select a person
  • In case of winning lottery your luck matters a lot if you are lucky then you get a chance to win Kaun bange crorepati lottery. kbc lucky draw 2017
  • In KBC show you get a chance to face the living legends Amitabh Bachchan and here you must be confident when answering the question if you answer the entire question correctly you become the luckiest person to become crorepati.
  • You can participate in kaun banega crorepati show by purchasing a lucky ticket number.
  • Anyone who is above 18years can participate in kaun banega crorepati game show.
  • By participating in kaun banega crorepati you are able to get chance to win 1 crore rupee
  • All your dreams come true. Kaun banega crorepati game show improves the living standard of many people.
  • You must have confident on yourself to make your dreams come true.
  • It is quite easy to participate in kaun banegea crorepati show and get huge amount. kbc lottery registration 2017
  • Kbc lottery winner list update 2019 and 2018

KBC Lottery Registration 2018

Kbc play an important role in the life of millions of people because by participating in this show you can easily become crorepati. They can easily fulfill their dreams .People are selected randomly. There is no limitation of class everyone who belong to middle class and lower class but the person is participating in kbc lottery registration 2018 must be above 18. The procedure for participating was quite simple. If you are lucky then it is 100%sure those kbc teams call you and asked 3questions.the time duration for giving answer was short within 5-6 second you have to answer. If you answer the entire question correctly then the next step is that you qualify for next round and get a call for Mumbai. You get only one chance of participating in one episode of kbc. In kbc you have to answer in front of Amitabh Bachan and after you answer all question correctly you become crorepati. Your life biggest dream comes true. Kaun banega crore pati is one of the biggest show of Indian .The kbc show win the hearts of people all around the world. The popularity of this show was increasing day by day. Therefore everyone wants to participate and want to know kbc lottery registration process. The kbc show is for all those who are intelligent and hard worker. By the help of their luck and intelligence they become crorepati.

Procedure for Winning KBC Lottery:

Dear viewers of kbc (kaun banega crorepati) by some easy step you can easily become kbc lottery winner. The thing is that you properly recharge your sim. After recharging sim your sim will automatically included in kbc lottery. In one month you get two chance of winning lottery .If you want to know about kbc registration lottery 2018 you can visit kbc website. The registration process is quite .You can contact on the kbc official number or they can visit the website of KBC for further details.

Information Center:
For the convinces of lover of kbc the kbc take initiative and establish a information center where everyone are able to get all information that is related to the kbc lottery registration 2018. If you do not know how to check kbc lottery 2018 then you can call on call center and get your registered lottery number and now after getting your registered number you can easily check it. There is no need to worry you can call anytime without any hesitation. By call on information center you can easily get all kind of authentic and proper information about kbc lottery as well as kbc lottery registration. It is our humble request that please be aware of the scammers. Kbc lottery registration is explained above and now you can check kbc lottery when you enter you mobile number and lottery number on the website of kbc .

Kbc Lottery



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