KBC Winner Game is Worth Lacs

Kbc Winner Game is Worth Lacs

Who does not want to win millions and accomplish their goal and wouldn’t it be great if you get this chance to do this in the comfort of your own home? KBC Winner, India’s top-ranked show also known as KaunBanegacrorepati is introducing this opportunity to every resident of India. Now any person can get lucky enough to be a KBC Lucky Person without any real hassle.

A step towards your dream

KaunBanegaCrorepati 2019 introduced the opportunity for hard workers as well believers of luck to win the prize of lacs or crores and taking a step towards the long-awaited dream. The first KBC winner of a lottery ticket in season 11 of KBC Sanoj Raj Bihari who won 1 crore INR. In the next episode of KBC, if he is able to answer a question asked by the host Amitabh Bachan, he will become a KBC winner of 7 crore.

Dont miss out the chance to Become KBC Winner

There are two ways through which an individual can win such a massive sum of money. The one is by participating and registering for the game and putting in full effort, all the hard work will pay off when you answer all the questions and will 1 crore rupees. A participant will register and give audition. Once selected he will be invited to the show for question/answer session. The more correct answers will result in bigger cash prize.

Another way is through luck. Be a KBC lucky winner by getting lottery tickets and wait for your luck to win lacs! Through this process, no registration or audition is required. You must have a registered sim and be a resident of india. Keep recharging the sim number to increase the chances of win in lucky draw. A person can get lottery number without paying any cost, hence a much risk-a free opportunity. To be a KBC lucky winner, contact KBC team and receive a lottery ticket number.

Its time to be lucky KBC Winner

The winner of lottery tickets are announced at the end of the show. A person can check the results on the website too, kbcgameshow.biz

On the official website the list of winners of all seasons are uploaded including the winner of kaun banega crorepati 2018. To see if you have won or not, enter the name and lottery number in website and in case you have got lucky, the name along with lottery number will show up.

A piece of advice for Lottery Winners

In case of further information about lottery tickets contact the KBC head office number +1 (918) 844-4111. You can also visit the head office located in Maharashtra, Mumbai to get lottery ticket and gain more information. Do not, in any case, reveal the lottery number to anyone and do not entertain any calls regarding KBC winner if it is from any other number than KBC helpline or official number. Do not miss on a chance to be a KBC lucky winner.

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