KBC Winner Was Given an envelope With Billions in Cash!

A KBC Winner Was Given an envelope With Billions in Cash!

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The KBC Lottery has brought back the fun and excitement with its very own kbc winner of the century. Sushil Kumar, a resident of Godown, a small town in the state of Maharashtra, has been a leading candidate for the position of BC Lotto winner for the last ten years. If his achievements in the lottery are anything to go by, Sushil is a winner every time. His wins in the KBC lottery have crossed boundaries and broken the hearts of not only the people in India but even in other parts of the world.

The BC Lions has come out with a new identity. Its official name is now The KBC Winner’s Club. And it is the members who have won the most number of jackpots. Members getting updated posts on whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter about the BC winner, new games and so on. They have also got the privilege to decide the club’s future and they get a share of the profits too.

The KBC winner’s club has a very interesting way of doing things. The members get a certain text message or email every day with all the lottery winners listed out. The new and the upcoming lottery winners too are sent the same message. The posts are filled with all the latest on the club and they are sent as fast as possible. The club is also active on all the social media platforms like Facebook, whatsapp and so on.

A recent story tells how Sushil Kumar won a prize money of Rs. 7 crore and how he got to know about it. He was on a very busy plane flight when he discovered that the plane had no advertisement on its windows. Instead a screen was just in front of the seat where he was sitting. On seeing this he picked up his mobile phone and logged into the KBC Winner’s Club page from which he received the prize money.

Sushil Kumar then realised that this was a big scam and that he had won the lottery through a different set of rules. He immediately reported the frauds and the airline ran a check on the plane. The checker informed the authorities and Sushil Kumar was finally handed the prize money. So what does a KBC Winner really do? There are several ways that this company or an individual could become a member of the Whatsapp Group.

First option is to become a premium member which entitles you to receive an SMS every day. Sometimes you can even win tickets to the next draw. The downside here is that you cannot be sure if the ticket will come your way and if it did, how many tickets. Other offers on offer include free air ticket booking to various destinations and the winner can also get a free night’s accommodation for the next year. There are also some members who get the chance to attend functions which are thrown by Bollywood stars. Members who have been there said that the offers made by the company are worth the price as the tickets are like anything in the world.

While there are other lottery winners who got the chance to have tickets which are equivalent to about one fifth of a crore, a KBC Winner Sushil Kumar has received a lump sum of almost nine crores. This is not bad by Indian standards. However, when compared with the millions being won in the same lottery by various others, one would wonder how such a huge amount has been won in such a short period of time. However, there is no doubt that this is a record which cannot be broken by any other lottery winner list.

Before the matter became hot news, Sushil Kumar went back home to Kerala and filed for a divorce from wife Nalin. After getting her divorce papers, he changed his name and got married again. In a span of two months, he went back to the lottery office to collect his prize money. As per reports, he informed officials that he had spent the money on food, holidays and gifts for his wife.