KBC Lottery Winner 2020 Check List

KBC Winner List 2020 There area unit several safety measures reasons KBC Winner List 2020 thus it’s your duty that you simply solely turn the licensed numbers first kbc winner. just in case of any misplace our squad isn’t answerable kaun banega crorepati 2020.If you share with somebody that you simply area unit KBC winner list than it’s risky for you as a result of anyone should purchase a replica sim and may get a lottery award kbc lottery no 8991. The panel of kbc 9 winner KBC is often there to enlighten you from all little side that’s reticulate to lottery.currently it’s up to you ways you’ll act in response to all or any these kaun banega crorepati season 1.

KBC Winner List

kbc contestant list 2020 If you be the victor of a game of likelihood then squad of kbc 7 crore winner 2020 kbc can would like several happy returns to you on your action KBC Winner List 2020.everybody expertise happiness when winning the reward as a result of they fulfill their dreams and create their being victorious sushil kumar kbc.you furthermore may make sure your KBC Winners List lottery on-line along with your numeral that’s registered.By following alittle range of easy steps you’ll end up to be a KBC Winner List 2020 kaun banega crorepati registration KBC winner. we are going to state these steps. the foremost important step is that you simply ought to recharge your sim if you want to involve yourself in KBC lottery achin and sarthak narula.If your sim isn’t recharging than you’re not eligible for collaborating in KBC lottery.

kbc winner list ensuing step following recharging sim is that you simply should lallygag around and observe as a result of your sim range is currently incorporated in lucky draw kaun banega crorepati questions.

kbc winner list


In English we can say Who Will Become A Millionaire winner of kbc 2017

FROM 2000-2007

From 2000-2007 this program is aired on Star Plus and produced by team of Sameer Nasir


The producer of the show is Big Synergy and it has been airing on Sony TV since 2020.

Kbc winner list update now at 2020

Total Season Of Kaun Banega Crorepati game show:

Season 1 2000 -2001
Season 2 2005 -2006
Season 3 2007
Season 4 2010
Season 5 2011
Season 6 2012 -2013
Season 7 2013
Season 8 2014
Season 9 2017

Kbc Season 12 kbc winner list in 2020


The host of the show is Amitabh Bachchan .


The contestants of the show get the chance to win 1crore Indian rupee.


The first appearance of shehanshan of bollywood amitabh bachan on Indian small screen as he is the host of kbc.


In 2001 the first seasons ended.


The show was renamed as KBC 2 or Kaun Banega Crorepati Dwitiya in 2005.

Winning prize:

The amount was doubled.


In 2007 the third season was aired

Host changed

The producer of the show recruited king of Bollywood Shahrukh to host. Although the winning prize remain 2crore but

3RD season rating dropped:

The rating of show dropped due to the change of host

Logo changed

For third season the logo of the show changed


In 2010 the fourth season was aired on Sony TV instead of Star Plus again the host of show it Amitabh Bachchan .

Winning prize:

1 crore was the prize money and 5 crore is for jackpot question.

Rating of the show:

The rating of the show increases because of the host of the show.


The fifth season is also hosted by Amitabh bachan .It became the most popular show of India

Addition of new segments:

This season introduced a new segment named as Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot. The viewer can send answer through SMS and win 1 lakh rupee this amount become double and triple if viewers correctly answer the question. kbc 7 crore winner 2017


The sixth season is aired in 2012.


The seventh season was aired in 2013 and hosted by Amitabh bachchan

Number of question increased:

The number of questioned increased from 13 to 15 and the prize money became 7crore .


The eight seasons is shooted in Surat first time the show is shooted outside Mumbai ninth season was aired in 2017.

  • Some Instruction for Winners:
  • Dear customer of Kbc lottery you can collect any type information about your sim card.
  • One thing you must kept in mind that due to security reason it is very important that you only call us for information about lottery cash
  • Please Don’t tell to anyone about your prize
  • If you tell any person than he can buy duplicate sim or he/she can harm full to your family.
  • Do not tell anyone that you win the KBC lottery.
  • Dear customer if you do publicity about your prize then the company doesn’t help you about the lottery prize because when you do public city about your prize then any
  • Our company duty is inform to you and now it’s your duty act at it.
  • It is very important that you must act at our warning
  • On winning lottery our company congratulates you and your complete family.
  • Be happy and do complete your dreams.


  • KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) first season winner


In season 1 of kaun banega crorepati the student of Indian civil service harshvardhan nawathe was the first person who wins the 1crore.

  • KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) second season winner

The winner of second season of KBC is Brijesh Dwivedi.

KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) third season winner

The third season was failed to announce any winner.

KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) fourth season winner

Medical entrance examinee:

Rahat Taslim was the winner of season four of kau banega crorepati who is a medical entrance examinee.

  • KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) fifth season winner

Two winners:

  • In season 5 of kaun banega c rore pati there are 2 winner an ordinary computer operator Sushil Kumar win jackpot of 5crore
  • The other one is Anil Kumar Sina win 1 crore in the same season.
  • KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) sixth season winner list

Two winners:

The one is Manoj Kumar Raina and other one is Sunmeet Kaur Sawhney are two luck people who win the kaun banega crorepati season 6th winner list

  • KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) seventh season winner

Two winners:

Firoz Fatima and Taj Muhammad Rangrez each win 1 crore Indian rupees in 7th season of kaun banega crore pati show.

  • KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) eight season winner

Two brothers create the history:

In season 8 two brothers Sachin and Sarthak Narula win the prize money of 7crore and created the history.

  • KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI) ninth season winner

Homemaker and NGO worker:

The ninth season of Kaun banega crore pati game show winners is Anamika Majumdar who is homemaker and NGO worker .she run her own NGO named faith in India.

Instruction For How to Play KBC (KANU BANEGA CROREPATI)

1st of all participants will be directly asked question 1 when you open the Kaun banega crore pati game show. It is very important for the participants that they have to give answer from 4 options and there is no rule of fastest finger first in the game.

If participants answer correctly the question you will get 1000 rupee .if participant correctly answer the question the amount become double.

At any stage in in game show KBC (Kanu Banega Crorpati )if participant think that they do not know the answer then participants get a chance to use 1 lifeline out of 4.throughtout the kaun banega crore pati game show life line can be used once. winner of kbc season 9

  • Name of different life line:

Basically There are four life lines which are used in kaun banega crorepati game show the name of life lines are mentioned below.

  • Fifty fifty life line
  • Friend life line
  • Audience poll life line
  • Flip life line
  • First life line

The first lifeline that can be used in kaun banega crorepati game show is fifty fifty. In this life line 2 wrong option that is given can be remove and participant have to choice from the remaining two options.

  • Second life line

Participant of kaun banega crore pati game show can also use phone a friend lifeline. In this life line participant of game show friend answers the question most of the time they correctly answer participant might also run out of the 30 second time limit for phone a friend.

  • Third lifeline

It is known as audience poll life line. It wills how participant of game show a result in form of a bar. The poll is stimulated amongst the audience of KBC who will attend the Kaun banega crorepati show.

  • Fourth life line

Flip is the forth life line of KBC. Participants of this game show can use this life line once in a show in this life line without increasing money current question will be skipped and then participant will get a new questions

If participant of kaun banega crorepati show answer the question wrongly at any point in the show you will lose all the money. Throughout the kaun banega crorepati game there are different levels.

This game show kaun banega crore pati help you to improve your general knowledge .along with increase in knowledge this program is also a source of entertainment .for those students who are preparing different competitive exams like. kbc winner list 2017, 2019

  • IPS
  • IAS
  • UPSC
  • SSC
  • Bank PO Exams
  • Clerk exams.

This program is very effective and helpful for them.

Important features of Kaun Banega Crorepati show

  • with gradual difficulty 15 questions
  • 5 lifelines
  1. 50-50,
  2. Phone a friend,
  • Flip Question,
  1. Audience Poll
  2. Power Palo
  • Game covers various topics of GK (General knowledge) like
  • Indian History Quiz
  • Politics Quiz
  • Cricket Quiz
  • Bollywood quiz
  • Film quiz, History quiz
  • International quiz
  • Questions from almost all the topics like
  1. Social Science,
  2. Science,
  • Mahabharata,
  1. Ramayan,
  2. Quran,
  3. Bible,
  • spiritual questions
  • Difficult questions too.
  • Around 10000+ questions.
  • Elegant User Interface
  • Fantastic background music
  • Offline crorepati game

With every passing day the rating of kaun banega crorepati game show is increasing .kaun banega crorepati game show is the most viewed show in the history of TV industry of India. You make this show hit then how it is possible that we ignore viewer of kaun banega crorepati show. So we only introduce helpline number of kaun banega crorepati game show to provide you with all kind of information.We help you in each and every aspect. latest update of kbc winner list.

Precaution for how you can protect yourself from Fraudulent Caller:

  1. If the person who buy this lottery receive many call in these days about lottery winner of kaun bane ga crore pati game show .They said that you are the winner of lottery and you must follow their rule to win the lottery prize.
  2. It is the responsibility of the person who receives fraudulent calls that they must inform our on customer care number of kaun banega crore pati shows.
  3. Please make sure that the person who receive such fraudulent call do not deposit any tax or charge because they are not a team of kaun banega crorepati game show
  4. Be aware of such fraudulent caller
  5. You should deposit after confirming from kaun banega crorepati show head office. Confirm from KBC Head Office by calling on their numbers that are available at the website.
  6. Please be aware of the fake callers. This show is popular so fake caller are trying to destroy the goodwill of kaun banega crorepati show.

If you wish to participate in kaun banega crorepati game show and want to meet your favorite legend Amitabh bachan live then just go and dial official number of kaun banega crorepati .The team of kaun banega crorepati game show is always there for your help .they help out participants on every step .feel free to call and to get information like, kaun banega crorepati timings, kbc vijeta

  • How you participate in kaun banega crorepati game show?
  • Whom to contact if you want to participate in kaun banega crorepati game show?
  • How to get enrolled in kaun banega crorepati game show?
  • What to follow for partipation?
  • How to seek information about winners of kaun banega crorepati game show?
  • How to confirm it that you are the winner of kaun banega crorepati gamw show?
  • From where you are able to get your winnig prize?
  • kbc winner list show at this show

This Show about kbc winner list 2018 + 19

There are many ways to win cash kaun banega crorepati is one of them. In lucky draw of lottery luck matters a lots. If you are lucky you are able to win the cash. You can visit Kaun banega crorepati website for further information. Recharge your SIM card to participate in kaun banega crorepati lottery. Automatically your number is send to KBC (Kanu Banega Crorepati) .the good news is that in one month you get 2 chances to win keep charging your number and get chance to win through lucky draw. If you want to check whether you are winner of the kanu banega crore pati lottery you can check online on website of KBC .You have to entry your mobile number and lottery number .If your lottery number match with the given .

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