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Multiple choices question is asked in kbc “kaun banega ga crorepati” Kaun Banega Crorepati | Questions and Answers , these are the latest question that has been asked in kbc in 2020. This Monday special episode of one of the top and famous of popular game reality tv show which has been watched in not just india all across the world it is aired on star tv show. This special moment Ayushaman was on the hot seat and answered the questions of Amitabh bachan which was the best go ahead and see it.

Kaun Banega Crorepati Questions and Answers 2020

  1. In october 2014, who became the first english baller to take 500 wickets in the test cricket? can we have the answers

  1. James

  2. Stuart

  3. Ben stokes

  4. Moeen ali

2. before coming this chief minister of this state, which of these leader has served the union cabinet minister of steel and mines?

A.raghubar patnaik

B. manhor parrikar

C. naveen

D. sarbananda

3. What was the name give to the super of galaxies , discovered by team of india astronmers in 2017?

  1. Durga

  2. Parvati

  3. Saraswatii

  4. lashkshami

  1. Moeen ali

4. The astavinayak yatra in maharasrta covers eight holy temples of which god?

  1. Ganapati

  2. Beahnma

  3. Shira

  4. vishuu

5. Who has succeeded gajendra chahunan as the chairman of film and television institute of the india?

  1. Nana patekar

  2. Anupam kher

  3. Paresh

  4. kashmala

6. identify the singers of the best film this song

  1. Shaan

  2. Palash ali

  3. Lucky ali

  4. Neerja

7. Which social media platform reached in the milestone 2 billion users in may 2015?

  1. Twitter

  2. Facebook

  3. Instagram

  4. whatsapp

8. What is the literally meaning of the sanskrit and word yoga?

  1. Inner peace

  2. Balance

  3. Inhalation

  4. Bind

9. Gho is the national dress of which country?

  1. Nepal

  2. China

  3. Indonesia

  4. bhutan

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