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KBC, the show that comes in the top 10 India’s biggest show is also known as Kaun Banega Crorepati. The game provides an opportunity for people who want to win a reward of 1 crore with their hard work through question and answer sessions. It offers another way to win a prize up to 25 lacs through lucky draw. You must receive a lottery number and wait for it to get lucky to be a Vodafone lottery winner.

The first-mentioned method requires registration in the game through the simple answer and question session. If you are selected you will be able to meet the Legend, Amitabh Bachan, the host of KBC winner show as well as get a chance to be the biggest winner of 1 crore. The game has released a total of 10 seasons since 2000 and about to on-air its 11th season for 2019.

How to become Vodafone Lottery Winner

To win Vodafone lottery 2019 no registration is required, if you have a Vodafone sim number then the chances of winning have increased, just keep recharging the number frequently to be the next lucky winner. Unlike in the contest where you have to answer difficult questions, with Vodafone lottery ticket you can rely only on luck and if a person has full confidence in his luck then KBC brings up a chance to win 25lac without any hassle.

Confirm Vodafone lottery winner number.

The name and the lottery number are announced after each game, so a person must stay tuned until the end of the show. If you think you are a lucky winner and missed a chance to watch the episode then you can also confirm it from KBC head office helpline. To contact KBC head office dial 0019188444111, the KBC team will confirm if you have won the lottery or not.

Checking through the website.

You can also check the list of Vodafone lottery winners 2019 on the website. (kbcgameshow.biz) Furthermore, the list of this year’s winners are also given, you can enter your name and lottery number to check if you have the lottery or not yet.

KBC helping people.

the goal of the KBC game show is to help people all over India to achieve their dreams. Many young people who have been working hard to live a better life and could not be able to do it on their own, KBC has helped them through the game. If you are a believer of luck or collecting lottery tickets is a hobby, then this might be the greatest opportunity as you not even have to pay a penny for this lottery ticket.

With that being said, if you receive any text or call, asking to deposit any amount as registration fee for Vodafone lottery program, do not entertain that text or call as you do not need to register for Vodafone lottery winner. In case you experience any fraudulent act or get any email or message regarding winning the lottery, confirm it from the KBC helpline. The number of KBC head office for a query related to the Vodafone lottery is 0019188444111.

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